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If You Found Out You Were Dying...

"If you found out you were dying, would you be nicer, love more, try something new? Well you are. We all are."

If you are having trouble deciding if you should go on that trip, ask your crush out on a date, tell that person that you are in love with them, quit your boring job that you hate, sell all of your belongings and travel the world, break up with your significant other because you are no longer in love with them, smile at a stranger, offer to help someone in need, give the homeless guy the jacket off your back, make your spouse feel special, send a loved one a card for no reason, go skydiving, train for a marathon, go to the gym, live a healthier lifestyle, ask her to marry you, get rid of the friends that drag you down, speak your truth, DO IT! Live every day as if you were dying, because the truth is... you are. We all are. Life is far too short to not live our best lives each and every day. Take it from someone who married the love of her life while he was dying... and had the opportunity to live that way for two years and will never stop.

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