The Josh Powell Foundation was, and always will be, inspired by 1LT William Joshua Powell, better known as “Josh." Josh was a strong, courageous, 27-year-old Army Ranger who battled synovial sarcoma of the lower abdomen for two years and 25 days. His battle ended on December 13, 2016, just one month after he married the love of his life.


Josh's mission was to inspire others. He wanted someone to say, “Because of Josh Powell, I didn’t give up.” He fiercely believed in the power of the mind and staying positive in the face of adversity. Throughout his battle with cancer, Josh never lost hope and never stopped living. Josh continued to set goals, even after being told he was dying. Josh Powell was a warrior until the very end.


“Life hands us a unique deck of cards, and how we play those cards defines us and allows us to leave a legacy defined by our actions and our words.”

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