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Laura Kicinski

Osteosarcoma Warrior & Survivor

"I’m a 36 mother and wife with four little boys and was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 2016. I had chemo and my jaw bone taken out reconstructed using my fibula in my leg. I have been cancer free since April 2017 and hoping to stay that way. Your page and foundation is inspiring to me as I want to start my own foundation for Sarcoma."

- Laura Kicinski

Paula Araiza

Sarcoma Warrior

"I'm sorry I came to your page but I wanted to tell you that I am terribly sorry for your loss and to say thank you so much for sharing your husbands letter. I woke up today not wanting to wake up and going on with my day with the reminder of my SS and having to talk about it again to others. Then I come across this and something tells me that even though I never knew your husband but that he was right here with me and other sarcoma fighters. His strength and positive attitude is with me today. So thank you for that. Thank you to your husband because today he gave me the strength to KEEP GOING!! Today and every day. I learned in this moment that if I can't for me, then I have to for not only my family and children but for those like your husband who fought so hard to be an example of what a true warrior is and what the true definition of what a human race should be. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Josh for your words and wisdom."
- Paula Araiza

Devon Glasgow

Epitheliod Sarcoma Warrior

"I wanted to tell you that you have inspired me soo much Fabi! You have made me want to achieve my goal of helping others even more than I wanted to before. Thanks for helping keep me positive and giving me the will power to reach out and help others like you have been.

I just talked a younger woman into seeking a 2nd opinion at MD Anderson. From what she told me it sounds like her infant son is going through what I am and it's soo nice knowing they are going to be in great hands when they get here. It's just the small things like that that make my day. I couldn't help but think of you after my talk with her and I just wanted to thank you. If it weren't for you helping to inspire me to help people more I probably never would've thought to say anything to her.

You're doing amazing things. Keep it up. I'm sure Josh is so proud of you."

- Devon Glasgow 

Josh Glasgow

Sarcoma Warriors Brother

"Hello, You don’t know me, but you became acquainted with my brother, Devon Glasgow. He first told me about joining your page and was excited to know there were people that understand the struggle he is about to endure. He was even more excited when you contacted him, wanting to post his words of encouragement. What you did is priceless, and I wish you could have listened to him on the phone when he called me. It was a great feeling. He had a few rough days, and that was the spirit boost he needed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

- Josh Glasgow

Travis Smith

"A great testimony by a young man who just poured his heart out to those who are willing to listen. I truly believe that he just left us all the will and determination to fight for what means most to you in life. Again a great testimony from an awesome young man who's fight for life never wavered despite the the odds. Take this message he left for you and use it as a stepping stone in life. If I was the father or mother of this young man I couldn't have been more proud of his accomplishments his character his love or his fight for life and to take time out under his circumstances to leave us all a message of his love for the better of our lives. A true American Hero in my eyes. This is true conformation to you dad and mom that you done your job as a parent. God bless y'all."

- Travis Smith

Sandy J Smith

Nashville, TN

"Josh and Fabi's journey, love, and respect for each other is a beautiful example of what an "all in" unconditional love should be....don't settle for less."

- Sandy J Smith

Jon Henry

Fellow Sarcoma Warrior

"Meet Army Ranger William "Josh" Powell. Josh is a 27 year old graduate of West Point, where he also played football as a linebacker. Josh was diagnosed with the same cancer as me a couple years ago, a short time after meeting Fabi Powell, the love of his life. Unfortunately, Josh lost his battle, but not without leaving his mark on the world for being a warrior, and Fabi has continued his legacy helping so many with this retched disease and even being there to answer questions for the many folks she doesn't know and has no reason to help, accept that she wants too. Thank you Josh for touching so many, and for showing us how to live. May you Rest In Peace brother. This tournament is for you this week. I know that's nothing, but I've dedicated several tournaments this year and I want to fish in your honor this week!"

#NEVERDIEEASY#LiveLikeJPDid #SarcomaSucks

- Jon Henry

Jonathan McLumski

Close Friend

"This weekend I will compete in my first Triathlon. I have long contemplated this endeavor. Earlier this summer I took part in The Ride to Montauk, 155 miles from Manhattan to Montauk. Throughout that day I spent a lot of time staring at my wrist and the bracelet I wear in honor and memory of Josh Powell. The bracelet serves as a constant reminder to how lucky I am to have what I have. It also serves on days, like that one in May, of personal struggle or other physical challenges as a reminder to Keep Going. I can't be certain, but I do believe that I was given a little more chutzpah thanks to JP throughout that arduous day.
I decided to compete in the Cayuga Triathlon earlier this summer, and when given the opportunity by the organization I opted to compete in Josh’s honor. I will need all of Josh’s greatest characteristics to get through Sunday: strength, stamina, drive, unwillingness to give up, and maybe most, good humor.
So, Sunday, if you have the opportunity, be thankful for what you have: your health, your family, etc., think about Josh and his ability to stay positive through the worst challenges (and smile): he truly was one of the strongest people I have ever met, and once you’re done with that, if there is time, send some good thoughts my legs way."
#livelikeJP #KeepGoing #NeverDieEasy #JPF

- Jonathan McLumski

Giovanna Camacho

West Point

"Josh Powell and Fabi Powell I just wanted to let you know that you both motivate me each and every day. I always wear bands on my ankles to help inspire me and help support causes and I believe very strongly in your cause and thank you for sharing your story. I will box, run, climb, swim, walk etc. each day wearing your bracelet motivated and grateful to take on each day! God bless you and your family always!!!! I'll never forget the compassion you both have shown me!"

- Giovanna Camacho 

Devon Glasgow

Mendon, Illinois

"Hello I was diagnosed with epitheloid sarcoma a little over two months ago. I had surgery to remove the tumor from my shin on Dec 12th and about one month later i was told they are going to have to amputate due to the margins being so big. The amputation got called off becuase after getting my PET scan results they think it has spread to my lung and lymph nodes by my groin. I'm now going to MD Anderson for a second opinion but I have a little bit of a wait. I was wondering if you guys happened to have anymore bracelets. I'd like to get my mom and I one. If you could let me know how to go about getting a couple and let me know how much I owe and where to pay. Thanks in advance.


I have heard only great things about MD Anderson I'm looking forward to getting down there and getting their opinon and starting a treatment plan. I've been staying positive through it all and not getting down one step of the way. With the power of prayer and a positive mindset great things will happen. I wanna be an inspiration to others and fight the battle with everything I have. If I could get a small and a large one I would really appreciate it. My address is .... Thank you so much I really appreciate it and I will definitely share your guy's page to get it out there. You're doing an amazing thing by doing this. It means so much to me.


Thank you so much I appreciate it. You are doing a great thing by starting this foundation. I wish nothing but the best for you and the foundation. I can't wait to get the wristbands and honor your husband by wearing them. Thanks again for everything it means so much to me."

- Devon Glasgow

Joshua Robert Minton

"Had to share and send a huge shoutout to the JoshPowell foundation and Fabi Powell for sending this merch! Thank you so much. Even more appropriate to break it out on a chemo day during Army Navy week as Josh Powell was an Army Football player a couple years younger than me at USMA. I learned of Josh and Fabi’s story about a month ago and knew instantly I was going to dedicate some of my fundraising/awareness campaign on the two of them. Unfortunately Josh is no longer with us but his spirit lives on through his wife and the JoshPowell Foundation. If you’d like to learn more I’ll copy a link to there foundation page in the comments. Thanks Fabi for all you do!"

- Joshua Robert Minton

Joseph Alberigo

Lake Grove, New York

"Happy to rock my new bracelet from the Josh Powell Foundation, Josh was a fellow warrior , who has passed away, thanks to Fabi Powell for sending it to me. I will wear it with pride."

- Joseph Alberigo

James Summers

"Newest member of the Man Cave Wall of Fame - Josh Powell . He like Brandon are Sarcoma Warriors now in Heaven . A big Keep on Fighting to his Wife Fabi who had inspired this Team Summers with her fight and attitude . Please check out the Josh Powell Foundation it is there to help with the Sarcoma Cancer Awareness and to show us All to Fight On!"

- James Summers

Tammy Lynn Groover Reynolds

"Thank you so much for the bracelet! I live by both sayings and will wear it with pride! I still can't figure out why I survived when so many others didn't, my warrior spirit I guess. there needs to be so much more research about Synovial Sarcoma!!!"

- Tammy Lynn Groover Reynolds 

Marcella Castro Summers

Washinton, District of Columbia

"My brother, Brandon, courageously battled a very rare and aggressive form of cancer called Synovial Cell Sarcoma. Throughout his journey, my brother reached out to other people fighting against this same cancer. They provided a lot of support and hope for one another because they all understood what each other was going through. 
Fabi Powell, the wife of a brave Sarcoma warrior has continued the legacy of her husband, Josh, by organizing the “Josh Powell Foundation”. This foundation’s mission is to encourage anyone battling Sarcoma Cancer, or any adversity, to “KEEP GOING”. The Josh Powell Foundation was a huge part of my brother’s fight, and it continues to be a huge part of my family and my healing. It is the season of giving, so if you aren’t sure who to give to, I recommend donating to the Josh Powell Foundation."  “I’ve got nothing but love for y’all.”

- Marcella Castro Summers

Mason Grigg

Atlanta, GA

Everybody, meet my new buddy Mason! Mason was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma (the same type of sarcoma cancer that took Josh's life) in July, just 3 weeks after his 9th birthday. His sweet mom Cathy reached out to me requesting a wristband for Mason to encourage him as he faces a battle that no child should ever have to face. They received their package yesterday, just in time for Mason's second round of chemo. Cathy sent this incredible picture to me yesterday with a message stating that they would both be wearing their wristbands today as they head inpatient for chemo. Please keep this sweet boy and his family in your prayers. You've got this buddy!

Mandy Bakkar

Montgomery, TX

"So sorry to hear about your husband. I lost my left leg to synovial sarcoma in 2015. I would be honored to wear a Never Die Easy wrist band if you would kindly send one. 

I sought all of my treatment at MD Anderson as well. Unfortunately there was no hope at saving my leg. My sarcoma was located in my ankle and was wrapped around multiple tendons and touching the bone. Best case scenario was to amputate because they would never be able to get clean margins. It was a brutal process and the prosthetic process has been even more challenging. I've tried everything imaginable from experimental treatments for nerve pain to multiple types of prosthetic sockets and so far have had very little success. I have two young boys who depend on me so giving up and "dying easy" has NEVER been an option for me! I appreciate what you do and I have no doubt Josh is incredibly proud to see the love of his life continuing to bring the fight to synovial sarcoma. You inspire me!" - Mandy Bakkar

Pam Smith

Medicine Hat, AB Canada

"Your story truly made me cry and yet gave me hope. I have to say I was so upset with the long road I am about to go through your story gave me peace. Ok feeling a bit bad for myself. But for you both to create a foundation that means so much to both of you it seriously gave me immediate peace that I can do this.

I joined a group about a month ago. I read the comments and stories everyday but not once have I commented or reached out to anyone in the group until you came along. It's like the fog has lifted and your journey as you said will carry on through Josh. You are giving people a sense of understanding."

- Pam Smith


Geoff Martin

Belleville Ontario, Canada

"I did a Cancer Fundraiser for the Cancer Center at the Hospital that treated me. Sailing is my passion. I called it..A Race For A Cure. 2 / 3 sailboat races, with a party after as well as raising funds we had silent auction..entertainment..etc. Because of what I have read of what you posted, I am going to bring this Regatta back this summer. There needs to be more done for people with Sarcoma and to help keep Sarcoma away from the people. Thank you so much for putting a spark under me !!! to do this again. Could I be bold and ask for 5 of those Bracelets??...I have family that would wear them. When I do this Regatta this summer, I will send bracelets and t-shirt to you in return. The world is running out of good people. We are glad you are here!!" 

-Regards Geoff Martin

Taylor Wear

Chico, CA

"Just re-reading what you wrote to me back in July. A time in my life where I wanted to Die. A strung out Heroin Junkie who was on her last breath. There are a few people I really owe my life to and I can say your on that group. Wanting to take my own life and then you just pop up with your message. Thank you for sharing your love story with me. Thank you for sharing your love with me. My heart breaks for you. There are really no words to even express how I'm feeling right now! Just want you to know I'm 67 days sober and my life is different today partly because of you! So thank you to you and to Josh for teaching me something that goes far beyond any classroom. I absolutely choose to see the beauty of my life through the ugly that I had created. My perspective has changed." - Taylor Wear

Sky Dutcher

Roscoe, NY

"As much as I'm crying right now I'm happy to say I received my bracelets supporting the Josh Powell Foundation and people who are or have fought the battle with Synovial Sarcoma. Josh Powell passed away last year after a 2 year cancer battle...The fact that there is very little known about this type of cancer makes it even harder because when it comes down to body really knows what to do...This has been the hardest year of my life...I think mentally more than anything but i have to keep going." - Sky Dutcher #keepgoing #neverdieeasy 


Chris Bascomb

Clarksville, TN

"Ever since I received word of Josh's passing this past Winter, I have been following your page closely on Facebook and Instagram. I am continually amazed by your daily optimism, unbelievable passion in continuing Josh's legacy, and your ability to be resilient and active in a situation where most people wold act in the opposite manner. Your words motivate me to overcome my daily challenges and remind me to remain emotionally strong. I was a Plebe at West Point when Josh was a Firstie, and I remember watching him on the Football field. Fast forward five years, I am now an Army Engineer Officer stationed at Fort Campbell, which I understand was Josh's first Army post as well. I recently completed U.S. Army Sapper School and earned my Sapper take this summer. Josh's quote about being "badass" bounced through my head often during my time there. It helped me maintain my self-confidence and realize that I was just as good as anybody else trying to make it through the school. All the Best, Chis."  - Chris Bascomb 

Monica Young

McRae, AK

"Thank you SO much! His words were raw & inspiring! I will NEVER give up! I HAVE to keep going! Every moment God graces me with is worth fighting for! I pray you continue to find joy in Josh's memory. I thank you for the good work you are doing. This disease needs some limelight."

- Monic Young

Julie Dearmond

Lake Forest, CA

"Fabi, this is a hard day but it is also a wonderful day to remember how much living that Josh put into his life and how he is still teaching us how to live the same way. I feel that the two of you have helped me move forward, something I have not been able to do since Emily became my little angel, so I have to thank both of you for all that you have done. Spend this day remembering all the good you and Josh did and are still doing." - Julie Dearmond

Danielle Jackowiak

Nashville, TN

"Almost a year ago, I got in a terrible accident as I drove my packed car to move to Nashville. While my car was flipping into a ditch, I was thinking, "This is how I die? This is it?! I have so much more to do! So dumb." That experience lit a fire under me because I realized that I am living on borrowed time and that I could go at any minute.

A few months later, I met my friend-soulmate. We met in a bathroom at a wine bar, and we've been inseparable ever since. And while I have never had the honor of meeting her husband, as he had passed only two weeks earlier, I have had the honor of knowing her and learning the story of Fabi and Josh and how it was his mission to #KeepGoing, no matter what, even when it seems like everything is stacked against you and to inspire others to do the same. An Army Ranger who had just met the love of his life was diagnosed with a rare cancer called synovial sarcoma...and he never let it stop him. He lived every single day. He took nothing for granted. He did the things he wanted to do, all while never giving up hope and planning for the future.

So thank you to Josh, Fabi, and that car accident that almost had me, for reminding me that if it's on my bucket list, it needs to be done. I got this one done!"       - Dani Jack

Mindy Bratton

Ringgold, LA

"I want to thank Fabi Powell from the bottom of my heart and I want to share it with all of the sarcoma warriors. I lost my sweet husband Eddie Bratton to synovial sarcoma of the sacrum and spine on Feb. 27th. And my daughter lost the only real father she's ever known. I want to thank Fabi for all that's she is doing to raise awareness and funds for research for this horrible killer. Erika Levin Bratton and I received our #keepgoingbracelets today and are wearing them proudly for all of the sweet souls who have fought, and continue to fight! Lots of love and hugs! 💛💛" - Mindy Bratton

Kelly Hayward

Slaughters, KY

"I got home yesterday and had a surprise in the mailbox. I couldn't be more proud to wear this bracelet and for it to remind me to quit sweating the small things and just keep going no matter what. I encourasge everyone to donate to this foundation. Everyone that knew Josh was inspired by him and this foundation allows others in need to be touched and inspired to KEEP GOING !! So many times during the passing of a loved one everyone says is there anything I can do and so on......well here is a perfect opportunity to help and make a difference."

- Kelly Hayward

Scott Bauer

Nashville, TN

Shortly after Josh passed away I found myself sitting at the bar where we first met back in September of 2014. I used to go there fairly often because that's where I felt close to him. It's crazy because every time I would walk into the third floor of that bar our wedding song would be playing. I knew it was a sign from him. On this particular night I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Bauer. I shared my story with him and gave him a Keep Going wristband thinking I would never see him again. Over the course of the last 7 months I have run into Scott unexpectedly twice. Both times he's had the wristband on. This last time he shared with me how much Josh's statement and the Never Die Easy slogan have impacted his life. It's moments like this that make my purpose so clear. Scott, thank you for rocking the wristband with pride, supporting JPF, and honoring Josh in the process. 

Jonathan Henry

Grant, AL

"We just got home from MDA. Very good scans, so good Dr. Araujo moved me to 3 month scans!!! But I was wearing a secret charm..." - Jon Henry 

Curtis Latchaw

Las Vegas, NV

"Got some new shoes & some extra #motivation from my #keepgoingbracelet! Thanks Fabi Powell & @joshpowellfoundation for your #inspiration !! 1st workout since #thyroidectomy surgery. No more #thyroidcancer" - Curtis Latchaw

Stephanie Sicks

Tampa, FL

"Love my reminder of Keep Going!! Josh is an inspiration to me and he is spoken of often. He is so proud of you and Jill Rey." - Stephanie Sicks

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