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"Josh Powell my best friend, my brother, my hero. I love you to death brother. We've been through so much together and you taught me so much throughout the years. So sorry to see you go. I'm happy you no longer have to suffer. You've been so strong all your life, its time you take a rest. I will never forget you and I will always love you. May you R.I.P my brother now my angel."

- Brian David

Brian David


"Fuck cancer. 

God Bless you Josh Powell
What an amazing football player and leader you were on the field and what an amazing friend and person you were off the field. 

Rest in paradise."

- Trevor Ace Matich

Trevor Ace Matich


"Man it sucks, high intensity, hard working, no nonsense player. Still remember how badly he wanted back in after he was concussed and had to be restrained from taking the field."

- Eben Abraham

Eben Abraham


"I learned as a sophomore that it took hard work and dedication to be a good football player. Josh Powell taught me how to be a better person on and off the field. Even though you may not of known this but he was a big part of my life when I didn't have any direction. Thank you do you guys Josh Powell,Trevor Matich understand out and all the other guys on the Wharton football team!"

- Andrew Jewesak

Andrew Jewesak


"He taught me a lot on the field the kid brought it everyday high intensity player with great leadership skills.. LEGEND"

- Marvin Murray Jr.

Marvin Murray Jr.


"My heart is completely shattered as the world has lost an incredible soul. I will cherish the memories we had together forever. From motorcycle rides , to Uncle Josh moments with Addison, to intense games of spoons, to big brother little sister talks, all the advice all the laughs .... you will be missed so much by many and already are. Rest easy as your battle and pain are over. I'll see you again one day.... please be in prayer for Josh's family his wife his friends and all those who's lives he touched."

- Grace Smiley

Grace Smiley

Step Sister

"RIP Josh Powell. This is a heartbreaking loss for the Army Football brotherhood. Josh I will always remember you as one of the hardest hitting Linebackers that I had the honor to play with. It definitely hits harder losing a brother like you though. Keep your eyes on us from above man. Rest easy."

- Joe Bailey

Joe Bailey


"Extremely hard to fathom your loss. From prep school on, you were always one of the most genuine people I've ever met. Not to mention, anytime I saw you, you were laughing/smiling, or making me laugh/smile. 

May it be said well done, Josh Powell.
Be thou at peace. 😢
2013's going to miss you."

- Di LaShonda

Di LaShonda

"I am struggling to find the words because I am filled with utter sadness. As most people know, I think of and treat my athletes like my own children. The Army football family lost a great one, Josh Powell. I can picture you coming to my office and the training room, making great plays on the field, and just overall being a great man. Be thou at peace. My prayers are with your family, friends, and the rest of the brotherhood."

- Stacey Pappas

Stacey Pappas

"Here's to a helluva dude and awesome roommate. We played Madden a lot in our room and split the series pretty close to 50/50, anyway, the last night of cow year we played a game and he spanked me 90-0. Literally. He's just spotting me some extra practice time before the rematch. We'll miss you bud."

- Carson Reed

Carson Reed

College Roommate

"My heart breaks to learn that you have been taken from this earth far too soon. You were one of the truest and kindest people I have ever met, and I am so grateful that our lives crossed paths. Thank you for all the fun memories and life lessons you taught me along the way. Sending love and prayers to you and your family ❤️ RIP"

- Meg Anderson

Meg Anderson

"You were a winner. You never did lose, not even the battle you fought courageously against cancer. You always came out on top and I know you are smiling down on us bc you are on top. The Army Football brotherhood mourns your loss, but rejoices at the impact you left on life. I pray for your wife and your family. Rest easy brother. Be thou at peace, Josh Powell. Love you buddy."

- Trent Steelman

Trent Steelman


"Lucky to have had the opportunity to live with you sophomore year and to call you my friend. Glad we were able to reconnect in New York a few months ago. Rest In Peace Josh Powell"

- Ben Shuford

Ben Shuford


"Be thou at peace, Josh Powell. You were the first person at West Point to have an impact on me, and you are truly missed."

- Alexandra Noack

Alexandra Noack

West Point

"Josh Powell you were always a great dude and a good friend. Even though your time with us was cut short, you still managed to make a lasting impact in so many of our lives with your kindness. You will be missed. Be thou at peace."

- Timmy Meier

Timmy Meier

"Josh Powell you will be missed thanks for the lessons you taught me and the memories we shared. Be thou at peace." 


- Carlton E. Shelley II

Carlton E. Shelley II

West Point

"Josh was my Team Leader 2nd Semester Plebe Year, he was a humble leader and always had a smile on his face. Be Thou At Peace, Josh, you fought a good fight and your D3 family will miss you. #BeThouAtPeace#OnceADevilAlwaysADevil"
-Ted Kostich Jr. 

Ted Kostich Jr.


"Cancer sucks. 

Heaven gained yet another angel way too soon.  Josh Powell, you touched many lives and were loved by all. Sending prayers to your family and your beautiful wife. May God bring them strength in this difficult time and may you rest peacefully in our creators arms."

- Tiffany Cassas

Tiffany Cassas

"RIP Brother, another one gone too soon. Thank God for Army Football or I never would have been able to be a teammate, brother, and friend to such a great guy."

- Patrick Laird

Patrick Laird

West Point Football

"Josh , you were one of those people whom everybody loved. Many of your Grandparents friends shared their happiness as you were inducted into West Point! What a legacy you have left. We will miss you not being on this earth with us. But know you are in a better place with those who went ahead of you."

- Sue Thomas

Sue Thomas

Family Friend

"I know you reading this from heaven but know I love you. Since the first day we met at football practice you told me "you Gon protect me on the field" n I did jus as u protected me off the field when we were young n I was making stupid decision. I'm where I'm at cause of you. Please watch over me as you did once. It's not a a rest in peace it's a I'll see you soon. I love Willie P"

- Alvin Hamilton

Alvin Hamilton

"Where do I start....We met when we were 11 years old. Our friendship has grown past best friends. You are my brother. Forever! The memories I have of you I will never forget. You are my brother, my best friend, my quarterback, my hero! From football games, motorcycle rides, to just hanging out. The memories can go on forever. You were one of the strongest men I knew and NEVER gave up. I know you will be watching over all of us. Heaven gained a special angel. Love you brother and we will see each other again. Josh Powell  JP RIP"

- Alonso Jones

Alonso Jones

Best Friend, Tampa, FL

"Rip Josh Powell toughest football player I've ever known and a great leader on and off the field #rip bro look down over us all!"

- Rob Raic

Rob Raic

"What you went through at the end just wasn't fair. But we sure packed in a hell of a lot of good times. I'll never forget the weekly NYC cadet invasion, inevitably always ending at Arctic or the Watering Hole, boarding with you in MT and partying all day to Kenny Chesney. Really wish we could keep doing it all, but more glad you're done suffering. Love you Neck Brother"

- Molly McLumski

Molly McLumski


"An angel got his wings. No one should have to suffer through what you have had to. As a friend said today you're "the toughest dude I know". JP, don't Rest In Peace, party on. You will live forever in our parking lot parties, our suns out guns out, and in so many places. 'Til we meet again." #jp

- Jonathan McLumski

Jonathan McLumski


"My Joshua!! I know heaven gained a very special angel! You weren't just my little bro's best friend and brother you were my little bro too and Bella's uncle Josh! We love you so very much. Watching you grow up and how proud I am of all your accomplishments! We will always remember the amazing man you were and we know you are watching over us always. Love you always little bro ❤️ Love, Grace & Bella."

- Grace Jones

Grace Jones


"Great vibrations to Josh Powell & family. Gonna miss u captain. 
Save me a place at Free Saftey on Heaven's football team. Rest easy in paradise King." 


- Oluwafemi Sanya

Oluwafemi Sanya

"Tonight I take a drink for a dear old friend of mine, one that got me through some rough times growing up, he was always a protector and a leader that taught me to come out of my shell which has shaped the way I am today. Last night he was taken down at a early age by cancer but I know he is flying high right now. So until Valhalla, friend, west point grad, and warrior Josh Powell youll always be the guy I looked up to. Rest easy brother."

- Jacob Cates

Jacob Cates

Madisonville, KY

"Josh Powell definitely made West Point a whole lot brighter. The first person to show me what leadership was and definitely had an impact on many more people out there. Be thou at peace."

- Sara Vagie

Sara Vagie

West Point

"Very saddened by the passing of Josh Powell.. There wasn't a stronger player on the football field, or a more genuine guy off the field. Thank you for your life and service to our country. Rest In Peace Josh, My thoughts and prayers go out to your family."

- Graham Barber

Graham Barber

"Josh Powell, Class of 2013, passed away earlier this morning after a hard fought battle with cancer. He was a Linebacker on the Army Football team who helped secure their bowl game victory in 2010 and earned his Ranger Tab after graduation. Josh was diagnosed with cancer a few months after he met the love of his life, Fabi. After getting the news the cancer had spread they decided to move their wedding date up and proceeded with the ceremony last month. As Fabi said after Army's win over Navy, "I think this guy may have had something to do with that W." Be Thou at Peace, Josh."

- Drunk Old Grad

Drunk Old Grad

"I remember, when we first became friends back at Wharton, how you used to make fun of the way I ran, or how you always failed miserably to mimic my various facial expressions when I talked.
I remember, when I went to FSU & you to West Point, how when we both got home there was always "Cash & Josh" time. We talked about when we "grew up" what we would do, & the possibilities of us maybe even working together overseas. I tried my hardest to help you with your French- Lord help me, it was hilarious- & you, likewise, tried to get me to fall in love with country music... & you eventually got through to my punk-rock self.
I remember, after we both graduated & entered "real life", how we never lost touch, even when I moved to Virginia. We still figured out a way to take the world- & DC bar scene- by storm.
I remember, about two years ago, when you told me you were sick, but that I shouldn't worry because '"Big Willy" ain't got time for that.'
I remember when you met the love of your life & you were trying so hard to impress her with everything that you were, that you regularly consulted me for red wine suggestions & what "XO Grand Champagne" meant on a bottle of Cognac.
I remember, last month, seeing that you had gotten married & how your face radiated with love in your pictures. Your smile could always make even my darkest days seem a bit brighter.

I remember you & will always remember you, Josh, as you were when we were a little bit younger & a lot more careless. I will hug my friends tighter, love my family stronger, & fight for everything harder because of you.

Be Thou at Peace, Superman, you finally got your wings."

[[ 2 Timothy 4:7 ]]

- Alex Regester

Alex Regester


"I have finally sat down after a roller coaster of a day and am scrolling thru Facebook. I am overwhelmed by the pictures and number of tributes my cousin Josh Powell is receiving, however I am so not suprised, as we have always known how special this kid is. He grew into a young man that I can only pray my boys model after. I will always have memories of beach trips, Disney trips, Easters, Xmases, summers vacays in Kentucky, and most recently a midnight detour to our house on the way to Charleston, a wonderful dinner with he and his bride, and of course his wedding. Josh you will always be with us and we are going to miss you like crazy!"

- Elizabeth McLeod Herron

Elizabeth McLeod Herron


"I am so sorry about the loss of this fine man. I had the opportunity to get to know him during his West Point years as he was my son's roommate plebe year. Josh, Jordan and many of their cadet friends would stay with me in the city when they had the opportunity to leave campus. It was a true blessing to get to know Josh and watch him develop into a Soldier and Future Leader of our country. The pleasure was truly all mine. My thoughts and prayers are and will continue to be with his family and close friends. God truly brought and angel home. God Speed Josh Powell."

- Jeffery Fernald

Jeffery Fernald

West Point Dad

"I'm so proud of you & everything you accomplished in your short, beautiful life. I'm so glad I was apart of it, that I got to see you graduate from high school to go off to West Point. 

You did so much more than most people do with their lives, and I'll always admire you for it. I'll continue to brag about you & remember the time we did have together. 

I wish I would've kept in touch better, but I wish a lot of things.... that you were still here, that we had more time, that cancer didn't exist, that I could tell you all of this....

You are so very missed by so many, and I'm just lucky to be one of them."

- Lj Hawkeye Giacone

Lj Hawkeye Giacone

"This is with a very heavy heart that I say this, but man we use to do a lot things together play football, basketball, box, wrestle, race and all kinds of stuff when we were younger. 

Lost a great person and friend yesterday but he was the toughest SOB I have ever met. 

One of my favorite memories was when we would play pickup basketball against kids we didn't know and they would always get upset because you played really aggressive defense. They didn't know how to react to that style of play and we always ran the table on those people, man I miss those days.

I really hate to hear that you were taken from us and I will never forget you and the times we shared. Love ya josh, please look after us up there."

- Mark Daniel

Mark Daniel


"We used to sit at the Hanson ballfields all the time, watching games, talking about school, sports, When I was in 4th grade and got braces, you'd defended me when someone tried to make fun of me... after that no one ever said another thing to me about them. You had the super power of incredible influence over people, but always used it for good. Thank you for being such a great part of my childhood. You deserved so much more time to experience this big world. I pray peace and comfort for your family and your beautiful wife. No more suffering... Rest easy Josh."

- Lauren Culbertson

Lauren Culbertson

Childhood Friend

"Being an educator affords you with the opportunity to meet amazing young people at critical moments in their life. Josh Powell you were such a special person and you will be missed by so many and I'm just glad I got to be in your presence for a few moments."

- Kevin Maloney

Kevin Maloney


"Rest in peace Josh. Ever since I heard the news I've been a little rattled and a little confused. But I know God has a plan for everyone. That is something I am sure of. Me and Josh were good friends in middle school. I remember one day in football practice he laid me out. No mercy, completely laid me out. That was the day I learned never to jump to catch the football when receiving a punt. Roger Charles Guined, do you remember that time we all got in trouble in middle school? I'll just say two words, toilet paper. I'll never forget when they called us all to the principles office. Good times. Good memories. I'm glad I have those good times and good memories to reflect on. As I think about it again I shake my head and question myself why? But like I said before, I know God has a reason. This has been an eye opener to me and I bet many others. But on a good note, I know he's healthy now and walking taller than ever. Rest in peace big guy. You know you'll be missed"

- Andrew David Baker

Andrew David Baker

Madisonville, KY

"Josh Powell, Well done. Be thou at peace. Thank you for always smiling, your contagious attitude and for teaching me to navigate thru France (even though we temporarily lost the bowl ring). I am proud to call you friend. You will be missed."

- Fredrick Bullard

Fredrick Bullard

"I've only known you for a year, Josh Powell, but it feels like so much longer. I'm grateful I got to meet you, spend time with you, and see your love for Fabi. You are forever in my heart. Keep watching over Fabi now and always. My thoughts are with your entire family."

- Rachelle Bye

Rachelle Bye

Friend of the Powell's

"RIP Josh Powell. You've had my back since we were on the JV field together. I'll never be able to thank you enough for the support you showed me through training, keeping tabs on when we'd get to fight the enemy together. God bless brother."

- Drew Koche

Drew Koche

High School Friend

"I've know you in France... And that have been a nice time. I'll always remember you. Nothing to say more. See you on the other side brother... Would have been a pleasure to host you home!"

- Jean- Charles Lemasson

Jean-Charles Lemasson

French Cadet

"I remember one of the best nights of my life was this night. You came home and said "let's suit up"! I was like what? You said let's put on some suits go to Soho and take over the town! I said ok let's do it! We ended up taking over macditons and made that bar our own party! Josh Powell I love you brother! And I will always miss you! As I sit here and think of you. I smile knowing I have so many memories of you to last me a lifetime!"

- Brian David

Brian David

High School Friend

'Going down memory lane with my brother Josh! Memorial weekend 2009! First time in South Beach! One of the best times we ever had! The stories of that weekend never got old. I miss you my brother."


- Alonso Jones

Alonso Jones

Friend & Brother

"I just heard the news from my son Ryan. I had the honor of coaching Josh as a youth and at Wharton HS in Tampa Florida. I am heart broken that this could happen to such a fine young man. He was a leader back then and through out his life. My family will miss Josh and his great passion for life. 

My prayers go out to his family and friends, Rest in peace Josh. 

I will miss you."

- Coach Santoni and Family

Coach Santoni

Football Coach

"We do not know how long we have on this earth. LT Powell worked to make a difference – and did. Thank God such men and women live, and remember that all men must die. 

May peace be with Lt. Powell’s family."

- Graybeard


Obituary Comment

"Our nation is better because of Lieutenant Powell. We didn’t deserve him but thank God we had him. Rest in Peace Warrior."




Obituary Comment

"Josh was a member of the 2008 graduating class at Wharton High School in Tampa, Florida. In June of that year, he was with dozens of other new graduates on a snorkeling excursion when their 75-foot catamaran began to sink. Young Josh was without a life jacket but that did not deter him from rescuing others. He was on Good Morning America for that feat and a pic of him and seven other students appeared on the front page of the Tampa Bay Times. I cannot help but wonder who is alive today because of Josh. He accomplished more in his brief stint on earth than most of us will in twice or three times his 27 years."

- 2/17 Air Cav

2/17 Air Cav

Obituary Comment

"Hey Fabi, you don’t know me but I knew Josh fairly well. I remember always watching him play at Wharton on Friday nights and me and him used to talk about the Army all the time. He was the reason I decided to join the Army and become an infantryman. Josh was an amazing man and god bless you for keeping his spirit alive in all of us. I wear him on my wrist now and everything I do in the army is for Josh." 

- Matthew Tallman

Matthew Tallman

Infantry at National Guard

"Fabi, we've never met before, but I was a classmate of your husband back at the academy. I am deeply sorry to hear of your loss and have been meaning to share this with you, as it honors Josh's memory.


To begin with, Josh and I weren't close friends. However, I consider him a role model in a non-traditional aspect. We served together as Beast cadre back in summer of 2011. I was a platoon sergeant and he was one of my squad leaders.  I thought I was a hot shot...  In short, I remember fervently Josh because he told me straight to my face that I sucked as a leader and the simple reasons why.  We learn best sometimes from criticism...but the courage Josh had that day that no one else exemplified forever influenced and altered my leadership style, my personality, and ultimately how I would one day lead with my own soldiers.  It takes a brave man I figured to accept his own shortcomings, but what Josh did that one day inside of Bradley Barracks was braver still. He made the people around him better, disregarding the indifference of others (my other squad leaders) and my own unqualified confidence. For that I can only be grateful.


I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Any classmate of mine lost dims the hope and strength of our nation. But I and rest assured others, am thankful that such men lived."

- Tim Chen

Tim Chen

West Point, Class of 2013

"Fabi, you do not know me. I was Josh's strength coach at Army. I want to say that I am so sorry for your loss. I can't begin to imagine how you feel right now. The ceremony video was so touching and it is awesome that you were able to wed the one you love. I want to say that Josh was an incredible worker for me, someone who gave everything he had and did it with a purpose and a smile. Was a stand up person and someone who was a great leader and someone who displayed such an attitude that we could aspires all  to emulate.  Know this, Jesus said to Luke, "I tell you this with certainty, today you will be with me in Paradise."  Right now, Josh is looking down and smiling at you.  You have an angel looking after you...REST in PARADISE, Josh.  May God be with you, Fabi. God bless you."

- Brett Gerch

Brett Gerch

West Point Strength Coach

"Hey Fabi, I know we never met but I played with Josh for 3 years at West Point and was a year behind him. Josh was a hell of a warrior, a great teammate, and an even better friend.

I don't have words to express my sorrow for your loss, but I know I speak from all of the class of 2014 football players that if there is absolutely anything we can do for you or your family, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you and again, let me know if there is anything at all you need we are all here for you. You will always be a part of the Army Football family."


Momo Kime

Momo Kime

West Point Football Teammate

"Mrs. Powell.  You don't know me however I was Josh's principal during high school.  My name is Scott Fritz.  Josh was an amazing young man.  I often spoke with him and thoroughly enjoyed his company.  He was a true leader even back then and truly amazing to watch on the football field.  I am shedding tears this evening.  Please know that I am praying for you."

- Scott Fritz

Scott Fritz

High School Principal

"Hi Fabi, my name is Schuyler Orecchio.  I am a USMA classmate of Josh's, and I went to IBOLC and Ranger school with him.  I'm in The Old Guard now, and today I will be a part of his memorial service.  I am incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to render honors for your husband.  He is a good man and a good Soldier.  Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss."

-Schuyler Orecchio

Schuyler Orecchio

USMA Classmate

"Fabi, you do not know me but I wanted to send you my deepest condolences for your loss. I had the honor of meeting Powell during our journey together becoming Infantry Officers, serving in the same platoon at IBOLC. Although I did not know him well, I want you to know that I had nothing but the highest regards for him. He was a tremendous individual and the world is truly at loss losing him. Take care."

- Dave Powers

Dave Powers


"Hi Fabi. You don't know me, but my name is Terri and Josh was a friend of mine from 7th grade all the way up to our senior class trip to Cancun (where he saved the day more than once). I just wanted to extend my deep condolences. I lost touch with Josh after high school but I always remembered him fondly as a very wonderful, charismatic, towering guy from Kentucky. Your wedding video was so moving and I'm so happy he was able to find true love with you. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss...but more than that, I'm so happy you were able to find your soulmate in Josh. You'll always have that. Take care, Terri."

- Terri Trovato

Terri Trovato

Middle School/ High School Classmate

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