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Finishing My Late Husbands Goals And Dreams In His Honor

As most of you know, on December 13, 2016 I lost my husband Josh Powell to a brutal 2yr battle with Synovial Sarcoma. I have spent the last few months thinking of ways I could live my life while honoring him and the dreams we shared as a couple. Josh loved to write down his goals and dreams for the future and I am forever grateful to him for doing this as it's been the best gift he could've ever left me. On the days that are unbarable I often sit down and read through Josh's journals hoping to find motivation through his words to pick myself back up and KEEP GOING like he would want me to. On this particular rough day (Feb. 3rd) I came across a list of goals that did just that. "Goals: 1. Register for St. Jude 5K, 2. Run: 1 mile/ 2 miles/ 3 miles, 3. Finish 5K, 4. Beat Cancer, 5. Recovery from surgery." Unfortunately Josh was never able to complete any of the goals on that list and as his wife there would be no grater honor than to complete as many of his goals as possible as I feel closest to him while doing the things he and I both loved. On that day after coming across that list, I immediately signed up for the St. Jude 5k and got through the day with something to look forward to in honor of my husband. As I train for my race, I would love it if you could support me in this cause in whatever means you can.

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