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We Remember Josh

After finishing the Medals of Honor 5k today I walked down to go see my man. When I arrived, this sweet little boy named Colin Sullivan and his family were walking by and saw me taking a picture with Josh. Colin's mom pointed out that Josh was the solider he ran in honor of. I thanked Colin, and told him that Josh was my husband. He was so excited to tell me that he ran as fast as he could and finished in 24mins! I told him how proud Josh would be of him. Later while walking the memorial mile, his mom and sister waved me down and gave me a plastic bag from Colin as he was at lacrosse practice. Inside the bag was Colin's bib and medal. On the back of his bib he wrote the most touching note... "Thank you for your service! We remember Josh. From Colin Sullivan". As tears rolled down my face all I could think is how happy Josh would be knowing that he has not been and never will be, forgotten. Colin Sullivan, thank you for making my day. It's kids like you that are going to do big things in this world.

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