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Terrible, Thanks For Asking

My grief counselor recommended this pod cast during our session on Wednesday... she thought Nora would be someone I could actually relate to, as there are not many 30 year old widows that you run into who have watched their husbands slowly die in front of their eyes at the hands of cancer. This morning I woke up to a text from a dear friend of mine Hannah Robertson-Smith, "I'm not sure if you're into podcasts but I'm listening to "Terrible, Thanks for Asking" and I thought it may resonate with you. It's narrated by a young woman who is a widow and it's about grief and love and it's really good." I took this as a sign that I needed to listen to this podcast sooner rather than later. I just finished the first one and cried through most of it. These tears were tears of pain and sadness as well as tears of joy finally feeling like someone gets it! Someone knows what it's like to walk in my shoes everyday and put grief into words that allow people to understand what daily life is like for someone like me.

If you are a widow, or are wondering how I'm doing, please listen to this amazing podcast!

One of my favorite quotes from this episode... "And sometimes I think my best is gone, and what is left is whoever I am now."

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