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JPF Lantern Release

Today, December 13th 2017 is the 1 year anniversary of Josh Powell's death. In celebration of his life, we went up to Liberty Park Marina in Clarksville, TN to release Chinese lanterns like we did the night of his funeral.

This year we also dedicated a #keepgoing memorial lantern to all of the lives that have been taken by Sarcoma Cancer. The most incredible thing was the fact that this particular lantern had a big hole at the base, tape in the middle, and two of the four strings holding it together were broken. This lantern against all odds floated higher than all of the rest in weather conditions that were less than ideal. It couldn’t have been more fitting for all of our sarcoma warrior angels to fly higher than all of the rest despite the odds stacked against them. This is a reminder for all of those still fighting, despite what you’ve been through, as long as you keep pushing forward, as long as you keep going, you will rise above!

*** This will be an annual tradition so if you missed the deadline for adding a name to the lantern please leave the name below and I will add it to the list for next year.

"They say that you are never forgotten until someone says your name for the last time. Well, sarcoma angels, you are not forgotten." - Josh Powell

As always sarcoma warriors... #keepgoing

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