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Josh was a former linebacker for Army. He always told me how bad he wanted to take me to an Army/Navy game so I could witness the magic of this rivalry in person. Last year instead of attending Army/Navy I sat next to Josh’s hospital bed in the hospice center and gave him the play by play of the game along with his family. Josh had stopped speaking a few days prior to the game due to heavy sedation from the high doses of pain medication he was on necessary to keep his body from feeling the pain of the tumors crushing everything inside of him. When we told Josh that Army won, he lifted his right hand and gave a big thumbs up. He and everyone else who has any affiliation with the Army had waited 14ys for this Win and I’m certain Josh had something to do with it. He wasn’t accepting any angel wings until Army got that W. Just 3 days later, metastatic synovial sarcoma took Josh’s life. This year, I decided to bite the bullet and go to the game in Josh’s honor and they did it again! Army/Navy was the most amazing sporting event I have ever attended in my life. There’s something truly magical about watching the only game where everyone who is playing is willing to die for everyone who is watching. Celebrating this year’s win surrounded by Josh’s best friends and fellow classmates in a winter wonderland was everything I could’ve dreamed of. Tears of joy and tears of extreme pain fell from my face as I had to celebrate this incredible day without him by my side. This year’s W goes out to you, babe, and all of the incredible soldiers who have lost their lives too soon. Until next time boys... #goarmy #beatnavy

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