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Marcella Castro Summers

My brother, Brandon, courageously battled a very rare and aggressive form of cancer called Synovial Cell Sarcoma. Throughout his journey, my brother reached out to other people fighting against this same cancer. They provided a lot of support and hope for one another because they all understood what each other was going through. Fabi Powell, the wife of a brave Sarcoma warrior has continued the legacy of her husband, Josh, by organizing the “Josh Powell Foundation”. This foundation’s mission is to encourage anyone battling Sarcoma Cancer, or any adversity, to “KEEP GOING”. The Josh Powell Foundation was a huge part of my brother’s fight, and it continues to be a huge part of my family and my healing. It is the season of giving, so if you aren’t sure who to give to, I recommend donating to the Josh Powell Foundation. 💛 “I’ve got nothing but love for y’all.”

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