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3 Years Ago, Today.

I just found a text conversation that Josh and I had 3 years ago, today. We had met 2

1/2 months earlier and he had been diagnosed with cancer a few weeks prior to this conversation. This conversation is a reminder of how we got through two years of cancer together and experienced an extraordinary love that most won’t ever experience while facing this painful battle. I have been told on several occasions that I believe in love more than anyone. I don’t know exactly why that is but I have always been a believer in the magic of true authentic unconditional love and I believe it’s the best way to live. I follow my heart at the risk of it getting shattered because the hope of experiencing something extraordinary is worth that risk for me. From the very beginning I told Josh that the love that we shared would get us through anything and without these obstacles we would never know this kind of love. Josh gave me the best, and I loved him with everything I had. Josh didn’t deserve to have cancer, he didn’t deserve the pain and suffering he had to endure for far too long, and he sure as hell didn’t deserve to have his life taken so soon. However, what he did deserve was the experience of true love. He deserved to have someone by his side who would love him fiercely while he faced the hardest days of his life. He deserved someone who would provide strength, courage, and hope on the days he wanted to give up and that’s why I stayed. He believed I deserved the best... Josh was the best, and his best is always what he gave me. Although, what was on the other side of this battle was not what I had hoped for, through my grief and pain I am now able to spread the love that I once gave to Josh (and always will) to all of those affected by this disease that are still battling because they all deserve that. Follow your heart, love fiercely, and no matter what battle you are facing always remember to #keepgoing & #neverdieeasy

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