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I Didn't Fall In Love With You. I Walked Into Love With You, With My Eyes Wide Open, Choosing To

I married the love of my life 1 year ago today. He was and always will be the best decision I have ever made. Living without him by my side this past year has been the most painful experience I’ve ever had to endure. However, at the end of the day I’m still here and no matter how hard I pray he’s never coming back. My only choice is to Keep Going. Not only for me but for him. I wake up everyday wishing that when I open my eyes he will be there laying next to me. Then the excruciatingly painful reality hits that he's not and despite the pain I choose to make the best out of the day because that’s what he would do. He would Keep Going no matter what because he was an inspiring bad ass that conquered every obstacle in his way and everyday I try to be a little more like him. We all should... I miss you so much Josh Powell. I love you forever and always. Happy 1 year Anniversary.

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