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JPF Update

I wanted to send out a quick update on the progress of JPF since officially launching the foundation.

Due to your continued love and support over the last 2 months I have been able to send out Keep Going packages to hundreds of sarcoma warriors all over the world. These wristbands have brought hope, courage, and strength to those effected by and currently battling sarcoma all over the US, Australia, India, Ireland, London, and Canada.

These packages are currently filled with Josh’s wristbands and Keep Going statement and are sent out weekly to sarcoma patients, loved ones, caretakers, and surviving family members needing hope, strength, and encouragement to Keep Going.

The goal over the next few months is to have blankets and teddy bears with the Keep Going logo printed on them produced and distributed to sarcoma patients in nearby hospitals along with the wristbands and statement.

My long term vision is to one day be able to have Keep Going boxes produced and distributed to those battling sarcoma in hospitals all over the world.

To help bring this vision to life, please share this page and spread the Josh Powell Foundation Mission to spread sarcoma awareness and continue to provide hope, courage, and strength to those effected by this nasty disease that took my sweet husband and so many others way too soon.

* When you encourage people battling adversity to Keep Going and fight their fight despite the odds stacked against them, you create a ripple effect. This ripple effect allows these individuals to encourage even more people, and the mission lives on. I have witnessed this beautiful ripple effect numerous times over the last few months and it has been incredible to watch my vision blossom in front of my eyes. Josh would be so grateful for all of the support you have shown and proud of how far JPF has come in such a short time.

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