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Message from Matthew Tallman

It's messages like these that make the days a little easier to get through. I can't believe that tomorrow I will have lived without Josh for 10 months. On most days it honestly seems like 10 days. Thank you so much for sharing this memory Matthew Tallman, and for honoring my husband and keeping his memory alive. Josh would be extremely proud of you and honored that you wear his name for everyone to see. #gonebutnotforgotten

"Hey Fabi, you don’t know me but I knew Josh fairly well. I remember always watching him play at Wharton on Friday nights and me and him used to talk about the Army all the time. He was the reason I decided to join the Army and become an infantryman. Josh was an amazing man and god bless you for keeping his spirit alive in all of us. I wear him on my wrist now and everything I do in the army is for Josh."

- Matthew Tallman

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