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Section 34, Grave 571A

This photo brings tears to my eyes... sad, happy, grateful, honorable tears. Samuel Sands is a 2014 West Point grad and was in the same company as Josh. He saw that Josh was buried at Arlington National Cemetery and messaged me asking for the details of where Josh was laid to rest so he could go and visit him.

He took the day off today to pay his respects and sent me this picture. My heart wasn't ready for the feelings that would rush over me after seeing this image. It's so incredibly beautiful yet so heartbreaking... to see the brotherhood and respect that these West Point guys have for each other is incredible. Josh loved that brotherhood so much and would be touched knowing the number of brothers that have offered their love, respect and support to me after his death. Thank you Sam, for paying your respects and for sending me this breathtaking photo, it means the world to me.

If anyone else is ever in DC and would like to go visit Josh he's buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Section 34, Gave 571A. Please send me a picture if you go, I would love to make an album of all his visitors.

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