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Unexpected Tears

A few days ago I went looking for a screen printing shop to make a few JPF shirts for the Spartan Race I'm doing this Saturday. The first two places I stopped at didn't offer what I needed so I ended up at Showtime Promotions. They actually didn't offer what I needed either due to their 24 shirt min requirement but I explained to this nice man Joe that I just needed two shirts as a trial run for the race I'm doing this weekend. Joe agreed to do the job. When I went in today to pick up the shirts I brought a postcard and wristband for Joe. I also asked him how I would go about ordering bulk in the future. He then referred me this wonderful woman, Shelly. Shelly asked about the foundation and what it was for. About halfway into the story she stopped me and asked if we had a wedding video that went viral... we both looked at each other and started crying. She proceeded to tell me about how cancer had effected her and others who work in the shop. She also figured out why I looked so familiar when I walked in the other day.

Needless to say, I left them with plenty of wristbands to go around and can't wait to do business with them in the future. Just another story of Josh leading me to the right people to grow his legacy.

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