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Every Day is a Gift

This time last year Josh and I were in Houston for a Follow Up appointment at MD Anderson. This appointment was the hardest one I've ever had to sit through. It was at this particular appointment that we were told Josh's cancer was spreading rapidly and there was nothing more we could do. We were told that we needed to move our wedding date up because Josh wouldn't make it to May 27, 2017. As the earth shattering tears fell from my face Josh just held my hand and told me everything was going to be ok. That day we set a new date for our wedding, discussed having kids, made appointments to get tattoos together on our trip to NY a few days later, started looking for clinical trials, and promised to LIVE every single day and moment we had left together with purpose. My point in sharing this is to remind each and every one of you that every day is a gift. Live out your dreams, live with purpose, make a difference, and don't assume that you have time. With that said, I would like to ask anyone who has been inspired by Josh's fight to #keepgoing to make a donation to the Josh Powell Foundation. Your donation will allow me to keep inspiring others in Josh's honor and make sure that anyone going through adversity in life is reminded of their ability to keep going despite all odds. In honor of Josh's favorite number 13, lets all donate $13, $130, or $1,300 to JPF which will allow me to send Keep Going gift boxes to all newly diagnosed sarcoma patients. (Donations can be made through the link below or the donate button on the JPF Facebook page. No donation is too small)

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