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What Would We Do Without Dogs?

The most incredible bond I've ever witnessed between a dog and his human was this one right here. Brody and Josh were best friends from day one. They did everything together from lunch dates, nap time, road trips, bark in the park, play time, new tricks, etc. Brody never left Josh's side since the day we moved him out here and hasn't been the same since he lost his dad. We took Brody to the hospice center a few days before Josh passed away and he just laid by his side as if he knew what was happening. They were so amazing together. Seeing how Josh was with him just reassured me that I hit the jackpot. He was going to be the most incredible father to our children and that's something you can't teach. Although it breaks my heart knowing I'll never get to see Josh as a dad he was the best dog dad there ever was and Brody and I are so lucky to call him ours. I miss you babe and so does your wingman. Happy Fathers Day from here all the way to heaven.

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