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Remembering Josh

I received this amazing message from one of Josh's West Point classmates and I wanted to share it with everyone...


We've never met before, but I was a classmate of your husband back at the academy. I am deeply sorry to hear of your loss and have been meaning to share this with you, as it honors Josh's memory.

To begin with, Josh and I weren't close friends. However, I consider him a role model in a non-traditional aspect. We served together as Beast cadre back in summer of 2011. I was a platoon sergeant and he was one of my squad leaders. I thought I was a hot shot... In short, I remember fervently Josh because he told me straight to my face that I sucked as a leader and the simple reasons why. We learn best sometimes from criticism...but the courage Josh had that day that no one else exemplified forever influenced and altered my leadership style, my personality, and ultimately how I would one day lead with my own soldiers. It takes a brave man I figured to accept his own shortcomings, but what Josh did that one day inside of Bradley Barracks was braver still. He made the people around him better, disregarding the indifference of others (my other squad leaders) and my own unqualified confidence. For that I can only be grateful.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Any classmate of mine lost dims the hope and strength of our nation. But I and rest assured others, am thankful that such men lived.

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