The Powell Pack is designed to encourage, motivate, and inspire newly diagnosed sarcoma patients beginning on their first day of treatment. The pack includes functional items that double as daily reminders to stay positive, never lose hope, and KEEP GOING despite the challenges that lie ahead.

* For every Powell Pack purchased, one will be gifted to a newly diagnosed sarcoma patient! 


The Powell Pack includes the following items:

  • KEEP GOING Drawstring Backpack
  • KEEP GOING Loop- Top Water Bottle (32 fl. oz.)
  • KEEP GOING Journal (Metal pen included)
  • JPF Original Knit Beanie (double sided) (please choose a color)
  • KEEP GOING/ NEVER DIE EASY Wristband (please choose a size)
  • Josh's KEEP GOING statement




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JPF Knit Beanie